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Türkçe Türkçe
1.  bağlam, sözün gelişi, kaynak, şartlar, durum
2.  bağlam
3.  sözün gelişi
4.  şartlar
5.  içerik
6.  kontekst
7.  sınırlı bağlam
8.  durum
9.  genel durum
10.  kaynak
11.  içeriği
12.  ortam
13.  gergef
14.  çevre
İngilizce İngilizce
1.  paragraphs surrounding a word or sentence; overall situation, background. contextcon*text , v. t. to knit or bind together; to unite closely. [obs.] the whole world's frame, which is contexted only by commerce and contracts. junius.context con*text , a. [l. contextus, p. p. of contexere to weave, to unite; con- + texere to weave. see: text.] knit or woven together; close; firm. [obs.] the coats, without, are context and callous.context context , n. [l. contextus; cf. f. contexte] the part or parts of something written or printed, as of scripture, which precede or follow a text or quoted sentence, or are so intimately associated with it as to throw light upon its meaning. according to all the light that the contexts afford. rp.context n

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